How to reduce foam with CO2 pressure settings?

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Dear Kegerator Guy,
What pressure setting should your CO2 tank be set to in order to dispense keg beer without tons of foam? I want to make sure that my CO2 pressure setting is optimal. I've heard that high levels of CO2 are best and others talk of low and slow methods. Some insight on best practices would be appreciated.

-- Jason from Jersey

Answer for the expert

Dear Jason in Jersey,
This can be tricky because the pressure needed to push your beer can change depending on your altitude, the heaviness of the beer, and the diameter of your beer lines. Ideally, the beer should fall freely from your spigot, and not be forced out. I recommend starting at 6 PSI and adjusting slowly up from there. Most kegerators do fine at 8 PSI or so, and 10 PSI to 11 PSI is really a bit on the high side, but can enhance the head of the beer you are pouring, if you think it needs help. Guinness is a special consideration, as the nitrogen tap requires 28-30 PSI to flow properly with the right head.

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